Advisory Board


Dr. Robert Allen
Program Chairman and former Principal of Tangelo Park Elementary School
Phone: 407-298-0759

Harris Rosen
Tangelo Park Program Founder/Treasurer and Owner of Rosen Hotels & Resorts
Phone: 407-996-1600

Juanita Reed
Tangelo Park Program Secretary and Guidance Counselor for Grades 10-12 (T-Z) at Dr. Phillips High School
Phone: 407-354-4734

Educational Services

Dr. James Larsen
Orange County Public Schools Area Superintendent
Southwest Learning Community

Phone: 407-317-3200

Suzanne Knight
Principal of Dr. Phillips High School
Phone: 407-355-3200 ext. 6053201

Raymond Yockel
Principal of Southwest Middle School
Phone: 407-370-7200

Lakeitha Black
Principal of Tangelo Park Elementary School
Phone: 407-354-2630

Chuck Dziuban
Director of Research Initiative of Teaching Effectiveness (RITE) at the University of Central Florida
RITE conducts impact evaluations and measures outcomes for instructional effectiveness and provides external consultative support for community projects like the Tangelo Park Program.
Phone: 407-823-5478

Marcella Bush
Editor/Research Associate of Research Initiative of Teaching Effectiveness (RITE) at the University of Central Florida
Phone: 407-352-6569

Debbie Hahs-Vaughn
Associate Professor of Educational and Human Sciences at the University of Central Florida
Phone: 407-823-1762

Latifat Oginni & Breyona Bolden
Alumni Representatives

Kathleen Gordon
Orange County School Board Member for District 5
Phone: 407-716-6861

Individual and Family Services

Sharetta Taylor
Program Supervisor of the Tangelo Park 2-3-4-Old Program
Phone: 407.354.2630 ext. 3952331

Randy Benjamin
Tangelo Park Baptist Church
Tangelo Park Baptist Church supports the spiritual life of the community, participates on the Tangelo Park Program Board and assists Tangelo Park families in accessing educational & social services. To contact the church directly call 407-351-1585 or email them at
Phone: 407-284-7788 (Randy)

Teen Programs at the Tangelo Park YMCA
Tangelo Park YMCA complements the Tangelo Park Program with educational, emotional, recreational and civic activities. They provide instructional programs for youth and feature teen and summer enrichment programs.
Phone: 407-351-3584

Loretta Alexis
Manager of the Head Start Program
Phone: 407-352-4322 ext. 4

Tangelo Park 2-3-4-Year-Old Program
(licensed family day care homes)

Taylor Family Day Care Home
Ruby Taylor

Pinnock Family Day Care Home
Marcia Pinnock

Fourth Family Day Care Home
Annette Fourth

Jones Family Day Care Home
Mildred Jones

Timot Family Day Care Home
Annmarie Timot

Murphy Family Day Care Home
Shondrika Murphy

Community Services

Jeri Adkinson
President of Tangelo Park Civic Association
The Tangelo Park Civic Association provides up-to-date information about community events, initiatives and concerns and serves as a proactive facilitator/liaison for the community
Phone: 407-352-2429

Captain Dennis Leonard and Pastor Armando Barrero
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Email: |
Phone: 407-836-3770

Rudy Tapia and Robin O’Donnell
Rotary Club Representatives
Email: |
Phone: 407-701-1283

Sam Butler
Resident and Founding Member of the Tangelo Park Program Advisory Board
Phone: 407-352-9416

Pauline White
Representative Golden Stars
Phone: 407-351-4811