Warm welcome to our Cornell students!

Students from Cornell University visited us once again this past March as part of the their Alternative Spring Break.   This will be the sixth consecutive year that Cornell students have been coming back to Orlando to spend their spring break volunteering in the Tangelo Park Community.  This year was even more special as three returning students made the trip back.  And this did not go unnoticed as some of the children remembered the familiar faces when they returned to the Tangelo Park Elementary School.   Tangelo students at Southwest Middle School and Dr. Phillips High School as well as the children at the Care Providers’ homes also enjoyed this visit.   With such a busy week filled with activities, time just flew by and it was just too hard to say good bye.  We all enjoyed this yearly visit though. See you next year!

Welcome to the Tangelo Park Community, Diondra!


We welcome Ms. Diondra Woodard as the new Principal of the Tangelo Park Elementary School.  Her journey from Lake Gem Elementary School to Tangelo Park Elementary School was like coming back home. She had began her education at the elementary school many years ago and the return to familiar grounds brought back many childhood memories.  

Diondra is proud to be part of the Tangelo Park Community again. She looks forward to working with everyone and continuing the great work that has taken place over the past several years.

Congratulations and much success!

The Tangelo Park Board wishes Tashanda Brown-Cannon much success as she continues her work at the Educational Leadership Center within the Orange County Public Schools system.

Tashanda has been an integral part of the Tangelo Park Program since her joining the Tangelo Park Elementary School as Principal in 2006.  Under her leadership, the Elementary School has been an “A”-rated Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test school for six of the past seven years.  

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to education. By making excellence the only option, you have made us and the community very proud!

Cornell Alternative Spring Break is Back!

Another group of Cornell visited with us again in March during their Spring Break! They had a wonderful time interacting with the children from the Tangelo Park Elementary School, and mentoring students at the Southwest Middle School and Dr. Phillips High School. They also participated in a parents/students event at the school, met with members of the board and helped to create new games for the children. It was a busy but rewarding week with plenty of memories to take back and reflect on. Thank you again to our Cornell friends!

Cornell Alternative Spring Break at Tangelo Park

For the 4th year now, students from Cornell University have come to Orlando to take part in an alternative spring break program in which they mentored elementary as well as middle school and high school students from the Tangelo Park neighborhood. They also participated in activities with preschool students at various Tangelo Park daycare facilities. Thank you to all the Cornell students! You will be missed!

Welcome Back, Cornell Students!

This year again, a group of Cornell students chose to come to Orlando to do some service volunteer work at the Tangelo Park Community during their Spring break. From March 20-28, the students were busy helping the teachers at the TP Elementary School, mentoring high school students at Dr. Phillips High School, helping the day care providers and assisting at the YMCA.  Thank you, Cornell students! The Tangelo Park Community enjoyed having you and appreciates you sharing your time with them.

Bacardi’s Extraordinary Gift

In September 2009, the Bacardi group had their annual conference at Shingle Creek during which the participants were challenged to give back to the community. They adopted a cause dear to Mr. Rosen’s heart, the Tangelo Park Program. On the evening of September 30th, the group invited Mr. Rosen and Mrs. Tashanda Brown-Cannon, Principal of the TP Elementary School, to join them at their dinner event and accept the gift. When Mr. Rosen and Mrs. Brown-Cannon were presented with the $50,000 gift, they both were pleasantly surprised and touched by Bacardi’s extraordinary generosity (WOW!!).  These funds will definitely be put to very good use.

Again, our heartfelt appreciation to the Bacardi group!  The Tangelo Park community very much appreciates your thoughtfulness, generosity, and willingness to assist those in need of a helping hand.

JCC Campers Give Tangelo Park a Hand

On July 30th, seventeen campers from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando spent half a day at the Tangelo Park community helping at the Elementary School, the YMCA and the Neighborhood Center for Families. Some of the activities included making learning games for the school and organizing storage areas. The youngsters enjoyed the experience and learned the meaning of giving back.

Thank you, JCC campers! The Tangelo Park community appreciates your giving them a helping hand!