To our Cornell Students, thank you for giving back!

This past April, we hosted another group of Cornell students in Orlando. During this annual service trip, the students spend their spring break giving back to our community, volunteering at the schools and trying to make a difference in the lives of the children in our community. The activities-packed week allowed them to engage with school children of all ages and members of the community as well. This year’s group had the opportunity to engage in more hands-on activities with the children at the Rosen Preschool in the Parramore community. At the elementary, middle school and high school level, they provided valuable insight, motivation and mentorship to our youngsters. It was a great learning experience for everyone!

We look forward to next year!

Warm welcome to Mrs. Lakeitha Black!

Congratulations to Mrs. Lakeitha Black, new Principal of the Tangelo Park Elementary School!

Mrs. Lakeitha Black moved to Orlando from Miami, Florida and became a 5th grade science teacher at Tangelo Park Elementary on January 24th 2008. In 2011 she was selected teacher of the year at Tangelo Park Elementary. Coaching and supporting the professional development of teachers and increasing student achievement was her primary focus as curriculum resource teacher, instructional coach, testing coordinator, and lead mentor of an all-girls mentoring organization, Young Ladies of Distinction.

As she began to explore her School-Based Administration career she was appointed one of the five assistant principals at Dr. Phillips High School which is the feeder high school for Tangelo Park Elementary School students. Many of the students at Dr. Phillips High School clearly remember Mrs. Lakeitha Black as she their fifth grade teacher and mentor.

On June 19, 2018, she became the proud principal of Tangelo Park Elementary. Mrs. Black is new to her principalship position, but not new to Tangelo Park Elementary.

Welcome back! We wish you continued success!

Hats off to our Cornell students!

This past April, we welcomed nine Cornell students to Orlando as part of their alternative spring break. During that week, the students spent their time off, not as typical spring breakers but as civic-minded individuals volunteering and making a difference in the community.

The group had a full week of activities that allowed them to engage with school-aged children and members of the community. This year’s group was the first to engage with the new Rosen Preschool opened last August 2017 and serving children in the Parramore community. They also took part in community efforts benefiting elementary, middle school and high school aged children in the Tangelo Park community. The itinerary also provided opportunities for team building and leadership activities as well as mentoring and reflection time for the volunteers themselves.

It was another fulfilling service trip! The students gained valuable insights on the Tangelo Park and Parramore programs.

We look forward to next year!


Way to go, Cornell!

This past March and April, we welcomed another group of students from Cornell University. For the past eight years, we have had close to 70 students making the annual trip to Orlando. What a great way to spend spring break while giving back to the community! During the busy week ahead, the collegians interacted with youth in the Tangelo Park elementary school and daycare centers, and mentored students at the Southwest Middle School and Dr. Phillips High School. They also had the opportunity to help with science projects for the Literacy through Science Fair at the elementary school.  The displays were amazing and made the parents so proud!

You are making a difference and touching young lives!