Our Results

Since the inception of the Tangelo Park Program, high school and college graduation rates are higher; students’ grade point averages have increased, as have life time earnings. Crime rates are down and real estate values have steadily increased. The program’s successes, however, is due to the community agencies that work together, developing partnerships outside the community, and working towards the same common goal in an enduring partnership that has lasted for over a decade and a half. Harris Rosen brings credibility, experience, commitment, and financial support to the Tangelo Community, defining the new normal for philanthropy where the donor remains actively involved with the program, understanding that genuine and sustained transformation does not happen quickly.

Tangelo Outcome Powerpoint (PDF)

2-3-4 Year Old Program

• Similar to Head Start in emphasis
• Preschool beginning at age 3 through kindergarten
• Low-income African American urban population
• Total cost is roughly $8,500 per child
• Annual cost of is $250,000
• A 7:1 benefit cost ratio implies an annual benefit of $1.75 million
• Much of this benefit goes to children who leave Tangelo Park

Scholarship Program

• Mobility rates decreased from an average 32% during the first five years to 12% in subsequent years
• The majority of 2-year-old program students enter elementary school on or above track
• The Tangelo Park Elementary School has been an “A” rated Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test school for six of the past seven years
• High school grade point averages are predicted to approach 3.0 in the coming years
• 77% of Tangelo students who go on to four-year schools (either directly or through community college) complete their degree, exceeding the national average
• 83% who go to graduate school complete their degree programs
• 83% of  the High School graduates who enter vocational programs complete their programs
• 32% of students who enter community college complete their Associate Degree, exceeding the national average

According to Fastweb, LLC:

• High school graduates earn $430k more over their lifetime than high school dropouts
• An Associate’s degree is worth $390k more than a high school diploma
• A Bachelor’s degree is worth $1.2 million more than a high school diploma
• A Doctorate (Ph.D.) is worth $1.7 million more than a Bachelor’s degree
• A Professional (law or medical) is worth $2.9 million more than a Bachelor’s degree

Tangelo Park Students’ Mean GPA Chart

Reduced Crime

• Compared with the surrounding area, crime declined dramatically in Tangelo Park
• Estimates suggested declines in auto theft, burglary and assault
• Annual community benefits from reduced crime amounts to roughly $250,000