Cornell University

Cornell Alternative Spring Break

In March 2008, Cornell University Alternative Spring Breaks attracted nine students to spend their spring break in Tangelo Park. These students worked with pre-school through fifth grade students at the Tangelo Park Elementary School and participated in a Science Night sponsored by the school in conjunction with 6th graders from Southwest Middle school. They also mentored Tangelo students who attend Southwest Middle School and Dr. Phillips High School. They spent two mornings working on art projects with the Two-Three-and Four-Year-Old program in the community. Since March 2009, additional students return to Tangelo Park each year.

The Cornell students hear the personal stories of the people who make up the Tangelo Park Program and the residents, educators, service personnel, and care providers that provide insight into the issues of the Tangelo Park community. At a reflection session at the end of the week, the Cornell students along with the Planning Team examine the effects of at-risk families, public service, and philanthropy and their opportunity to experience diversity, community involvement and social issues.