Family Programs

Neighborhood Center for Families

The Neighborhood Center for Families (NCF) is an external component that brings about changing programs for changing needs. NCF encompasses non-profit organizations, government agencies, churches, and civic groups that work together to provide a family-friendly and accessible place to offer services and activities to families in their neighborhood, e.g., counseling, health-related services, and supports families and compliments educational programs. NCF supports families to help them attain the Rosen scholarship.

Parents, school administrators, and community leaders have reported much success regarding parents’ involvement in their children’s education.  In addition, data show PLT affects its participants’ lives at the personal, family, school, and community levels.  PLT is an internationally recognized program and published in international and state educational journals.

PLT provides parents with the skills to overcome scheduling, cultural and environmental barriers at their child’s school to sensitively, and satisfactorily address their child’s needs. The initial program graduated parent leaders who have subsequently presented the program in the Parramore community, another Central Florida community.

Parents attend a two-hour session, once a week for six weeks.  The final session involves a graduation celebration for the parents’ accomplishments. Parents that attend all six session and complete the assignments and activities graduate from the program and receive a certificate of completion.

The training includes:
• Goal setting
• Decision making
• Positive communication
• Parents’ rights & responsibilities
• And more