Rosen Foundation Scholarship

The Rosen Foundation Scholarship allows students to turn their dreams of attending college into a reality. “The scholarship [is a] motivator for success,” says Kiera Hunter, a Dr. Phillips High School student and Tangelo Park resident. Roughly 2/3 of all Tangelo Park students who graduated from high school accepted a Rosen Foundation Scholarship. From there, over half of the scholarship recipients went on to attend a community college, a four-year institution, or vocational training. Initially, Tangelo Park students bound for college applied to Florida public colleges and universities as a scholarship requirement. Currently, students have started to earn full college scholarships without the need to be subsidized; the Rosen Foundation Scholarship is becoming a safety net.

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Applying for a Scholarship

To be eligible for a Tangelo Park Program scholarship, applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. Be full-time residents (parent/legal guardian and student) of the Tangelo Park subdivision in Orange County, Florida for at least two years prior to graduation (must include junior and senior years)
2. Be a high school senior attending Dr. Phillips High School or participating in a magnet program at another high school in Orange County, Florida
3. Submit an application and a transcript (or academic involvement report) by deadline date
4. Submit SAT, ACT, CPT (College Placement Test) or TABE test scores (Note:  It is strongly recommended that university bound students take the SAT and/or ACT at least once during their junior year.)
5. Attend a Florida community college, state university or vocational school full-time
6. Apply for financial aid and provide a copy of SAR (Student Aid Report) to Mrs. Reed by May 1st
7. Apply for outside scholarships
8. Scholarships must be activated within the first school year after graduation

Renewing Your Scholarship

This scholarship is renewable for three additional years if the following conditions are met:

1. Students and parents/legal guardians remain full-time residents of the Tangelo Park subdivision of Orange County, Florida
2. Student remains in good academic standing with the college, university or vocational school (Copy of grades must be provided to Mrs. Reed, Scholarship Counselor, at the end of each semester.)
3. Student must meet with the Tangelo Park Program’s Criteria Committee at the end of each school year (if needed)
4. Student must serve on Advisory Council for Tangelo Park students

Important Due Dates

Dates to remember when applying for or renewing your scholarship:

1. Scholarship application:  February 1
2. Acceptance Letters (university students): March 1
3. Housing Applications/Contracts (university students)*:  March 1
4. Acceptance Letters (community college & other):  May 1
5. Financial Aid Papers (Student Aid Report):  May 1

*Students planning to attend the University of Central Florida must submit acceptance letters and housing applications no later than February 1. (Note:  This date may be too late for affordable on-campus housing, if applicable.)

Hand deliver or mail applications to:
Mrs. JuaNita D. Reed, Counselor
6500 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, FL  32819

Call or make an appointment to see Mrs. Reed at 407-354-4734.